21st September 2012

Chestnut & Rum Pannacotta-
recipe by Nonnas Pastry Chef Adam Ball

Makes 14 small Pannacotta
(half the amount of ingredients to make 8 large)

150ml milk
750ml single cream
75g sugar
1 ½ lemon zest
6 gelatine leaves (soaked)

100ml rum

300ml chestnut puree
semi whipped cream

To make your chestnut puree: 

place in a blender 250gr of chesnut then add sugar 125gr (you can use more to taste)- blend. Add water to the mixture and blend until smooth.

In a pan warm your milk, single cream zest and sugar over low heat.  Strain the gelatine previously soaked in water, squeeze out all the liquid and add to the pan.  Mix until gelatine dissolves, strain to remove and un-dissolved bits. Remove from heat and let cool.  Add your rum and chestnut puree.  Gently fold in your semi-whipped cream, incorporating well.  Pour mix into metallic pannacotta moulds and refrigerate until set (circa 4 hours).   

As you can see from the picture, Adam also added to decorate the pannacotta : marangue "biscuit", chocolate sauce, chenut puree and candied chestnuts. 

Tip: To remove pannacotta from moulds, dip in warm water- this will allow the pannacotta to slide out easily.

Illustration of chestnuts by DEE FARNSWORTH under label Italy in her fantastic blogspot http://deefarnsworth.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Italy

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